Internet Marketing

What Is Internet Marketing? How It Is the Key Of Success

Several individuals and groups of people have defined and analyzed what Marketing is differently but some concepts are dominant in all of them. It is established that Marketing is the management process of which goods and services move from concept to the consumer. This includes the coordination of four (4} elements of marketing which is commonly referred to as the 4Ps of Marketing. Even though internet marketing has replaced the usual traditional process of same concept, the 4Ps of Marketing (Product, Price, Place and Promotional Strategy) is still playing a significant function in the world of digital and internet Marketing.

Bbidisplays experts says internet marketing is the process of promoting any brand and product on the search engine. It is also known as SEO and E-marketing. You can easily promote your business in Australia, USA, India and other big countries. No matter you lives in Perth, Melbourne, taxes, it allow you to cover all the states and cities for your business promotion.

With the advent of online solutions with the Smartways marketing to every demand, every request and every obstacle, the world has become a global village. You can do everything online and still achieve better satisfaction doing so. Every facet of human lives ranging from seeking health solutions, buying and selling and even to the sensitive profession of Banking has witnessed a tremendous change! Everything has gone digital! Business owners are not to be left out, in fact, they are quick to embrace the change as it relates more to their business successes – the bottom line. Hence, investing in internet marketing became a very smart move and idea for small and large business owners. They have a whole lot to gain from internet Marketing such as Quick service to their customers, low cost of operations, measurement and tracking of results, global marketing at finger tips, All season marketing, Marketing continuity just to mention a few.

It’s indeed the era of internet marketing. Goods, services and ideas could now be easily exchanged across the globe thanks to the information super highway which has blown tremendously to impact on virtually any endeavor under the sun, shrinking the size of the world nay markets, enabling producers/marketers and consumers more interactions irrespective of geographical and or political locations.


On marketing, the effect is extremely terrific. The internet’s more or less a captive audience, mass yet personal. It’s a market place that defies physical and geographical boundaries reducing the world to a single vast sphere of consumers, though with cultural differences, yet, due to enhanced interactions, exercises a great deal of inter-cultural influences on one another, easily and effortlessly.

From the big corporations with huge capital to the small scale businesses, from Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) to political and personal brands, on the internet, each will find easier access to their consumers, targets and prospects at exceedingly affordable rates in comparison to the traditional media. And, without internet marketing, arguably, chances of success is remote or out rightly, non-existent.

The effect of internet marketing on commerce is awesome. It offers a better, more efficient ways, in all ramifications, of conducting businesses in every aspects, both locally and globally.

Internet marketing has made positive impact on the everyday life of both the marketers and the consumers, making their lives easier, convenient, exciting and cost effective.

The marketer can now easily reach a greater mass of his targets and prospects scattered within a country and all over the world, doing so, simultaneously and smartly as compared to the days when he had to contend with the traditional media and the attendant constraints like costs, time zones, transnational cultures etc. A marketer can now reach consumers and prospects in any part of a country without necessarily opening physical shops therein. He can even offer wider array of goods than what would have been possible with many physical shops. Social networking sites emerged suddenly and they became the place where buyers and sellers meet. Social media now records the top online activity world over.

For an international marketer, he can sell his goods overseas without appointing country representatives or opening physical branches. Little wonder we now have a proliferation of the dotcoms all over the world, championing internet marketing. The Alibabas, Amazons and myriads of other local internet marketers are making lives easier for both the producers and the consumers.

With internet marketing, the marketer can now save costs hitherto attached to warehousing, distribution and some other recurring costs. This makes him offer goods, services and ideas at affordable prices more than ever before. His goods are available around the clock thereby eliminating time restrictions synonymous with the traditional media. His targets are global, they can shop at any time of the day they deemed convenient to them.

It has been proven in marketing that it is cheaper retaining a customer than gaining a new one. Internet marketing further enhances this postulation. Since it is interactive, it helps in developing relationships between the marketer and his consumers. The marketer now has a robust database of his consumers and it is now easier for him to follow up on them with tailor-made solutions.

To the marketer, internet marketing is an enabler of successful marketing, it brings a global dimension to a local business and life without it, is better imagined.

Such is the freedom, flexibility, affordability and luxury offered the consumer by internet marketing.

Internet marketing is a game changer, it has made the world better, easier and more interesting to all in a very efficient, effective and more importantly, very affordable manner. It has become an integral part of successful business transactions in the twenty first century everyday life. It is so fundamental that hardly can any enterprise ignore it without dire consequence because executing transactions can be done easily and instantly online. The full process of identifying what product a consumer needs, deciding on the price he is willing to part with and selecting the distribution channel through which the goods get to the consumer is achieved online by both the consumer and the marketer.

No matter the size of the business, for success, the sponsors will have to employ internet marketing to engage the consumers who are often locked up on the internet.